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We all know that the girls are very fond of jewelry, jewelry is a very attractive thing . Cartier is a world renowned watch brand , has jewelry emperor in the world. Almost most of the girls know the Cartier brand.
There cheetah than women and more perfect combination of sexy yet ? Jump, roar , sensitive, dignified — cheetah innate talent and gorgeous kingly attitude , and a woman of noble , gorgeous, charming temperament pavilions. This is the classic Cartier innovative “Cheetah” legend.
In that era filled with legendary last century, the Duchess of Windsor is the world ‘s most recognized person wearing grade , she “Cheetah ” in love makes Cartier “Cheetah” prestigious . From 1948 a ” cheetah brooch ” began, the Duchess of Windsor collection of out of control emerald , sapphire brooch , white gold diamond bracelet cheetah , handheld single handle glasses, tiger-shaped bracelet and a series of luxury, expensive top products.
In the cold winter , it is the initiation of the dynamic fantasy unlimited music , Bund 18 Cartier flagship store recently staged a “Cheetah ” new release show . 18 models wearing dazzling jewels in classical fashion filled Bund on the 18th drifted debut, they were showing Cartier untamed “Cheetah ” jewelry , colorful jewelry MeliMelo fruit , ” Kiss of the Dragon ” jewelry collection, interpretation of luxury elegant amorous feelings .
As night fell, the “Cheetah” theme party debut. Wine red lights silhouetted against the huge space party , cheetah markings everywhere , foreign actors in costume in an artificial jungle cheetah looming , unique design concept to guests thought bring surprises .
Legendary achievements of the cheetah ‘s fame , and inherit until today . Black and white and green tones each other , creating a very modern style of Cartier ‘s new jewelry collection . The latest in the series includes the most classic symbolic cheetah , representative of the Duchess of Windsor have ” cheetah brooch ,” the highest recall and infinite respect. Today cheetah appears as a decorative reveals wildly luxurious charm, not only in the specific form of jewelry , leopard spots on the abstract into a more flexible and creative inspiration and vivid , full of fun .
Today, Cartier has become the world famous jewelry brand . More and more people like Cartier , more and more people know Cartier . Cartier has become the world’s largest luxury brand .

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NEWS IWC watches

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IWC Pilot Watch TOP GUN Miramar Naval Air Forces watch style is simple , but in many complex table stand !
IWC watches this size is not small, if the design is the slightest mistake, it will highlight the dial open thin. The only TOP GUN Miramar watch dial design make it an excellent complex style watches in front of a congregation do not strive . First large pointer unique, spear shaped pointer into the narrow ends of the middle wide, not only excellent directivity and wide and full, so that the dial enrich unobtrusive .
Outer dial thickness of the strip hour markers and white , focused, while the inside reading Arabic numerals in ensuring clear , but also enriched the huge dial. Red Hour inner disk central design of the table is another highlight of this stems from the last century, 30 to 40 years of design is not only easy to read the time , while also increasing the dial layering, striking red became Charcoal an eye-catching dial .
 At 3 o’clock position retraction force display plate , breaking the balance of the dial , played a finishing touch. Matte gray , beige , green, with three exudes a strong military flavor. This pilot watch style was simple , but the design without compromise, and be able to withstand up to 30 G acceleration due to gravity , some say aviation is a belief , then this watch is the best interpretation of this belief .

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Series Ladies Watch

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Patrimony watch
Vacheron constantin watch has a very high watchmaking. Replica Vacheron Constantin watches have been the most stringent requirements are made ​​watch. Each watch is made ​​through a meticulous craftsman . So it also allows Vacheron constantin watches gained worldwide recognition.
replica longines Presence watches  is the real guardian of advanced watchmaking tradition , with meticulous Vacheron Constantin watchmaking genes. Full of classic timeless beauty round case , once again witness the long tradition of the brand , called Vacheron Constantin timeless classic style . Accumulation of centuries and refining of professional skills, achievements of these elegant timepieces innate qualities . Of course, the superb quality process also won the endorsement of Geneva quality mark . Patrimony Contemporaine watch fashion design , revealing a modern style ; while it is also one its name, to retain the traditional classic and elegant . Patrimony more fine jewelry watches combine top watch master craftsmen with gems virtuosity , declared the Vacheron Constantin master unparalleled strength.
Timeless classic round watch : Patrimony Contemporaine understated round case watchmaking industry has long been a top model , great styling immortal keeps up with the times. The series introduced this year, size 36 mm ladies watches, two models are blend of fashion and technology, warm pink gold case makes clean lines softened , two different designs are attractive. Using opal -like silver opaline dial , bezel set with a brilliant- turner full circle diamonds , original diamond -minute scale ring will watch closely linked with the spirit of the times together. Xiangtie hour markers and slender , minute pointer follow the curvature of the dial and slightly bent, central seconds hand across the subject of diamonds and gold at the same time , date window located at the six o’clock position , showing a harmonious and sense of balance . Pink gold chain with real elegance will sink gently tied to the wrist. Clearly demonstrate the transparent case back design Vacheron homemade 2450 model automatic winding movement delicate operation.
Patrimony Traditionnelle vows to make new watches ladies Splendid, can not watch intently . Adhering to the Swiss watchmaking tradition , retrieved a conservative style , but has immortal beauty, even the most stringent requirements also have to impress connoisseurs . Watch quality craftsmanship meet new Geneva Seal standards, not only to the movement ‘s top hand-polished production, even closely follow this case in the history of Swiss watchmaking highest standards of watch making . Slender delicate new Patrimony Traditionnelle ladies watches with platinum or pink gold to build case, diameter 33 mm allowed the new design is more prominent. Bezel set with 54 brilliant- Cut diamonds, the series of the most style style. Brown or gray -minute track to follow a different case material handling , Xiangtie hour markers and precious metals to create the Crown Princess pointer , with opal -like silver white dial. Featured Mississippi are sewn alligator leather strap navy or taupe , so these two ladies watch design more perfect.

Patek Philippe 3411 limited edition watch

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I also have a 3718, but rarely wear. I just let it show in the safe Momo beauty. And 3718 can match Calatrava many, such as 3796,3923 and 3998, but the taste is different. Even if it is only 2-3 mm table diameter difference, there are obvious changes in style. So want to have a taste of different ages Calatrava and different models of Patek Philippe beauty is futile.
Patek Philippe Calatrava series of limited edition steel sheet, cold enamel surface text plate. This is the Patek Philippe limited production of a table.
I do not know why, and Patek Philippe 3718, as 3411 is huge certificate wallets, and tables that are not commensurate with this huge table this certificate reminiscent of the identity and origin what is the background. If we say that 3718 is a limited edition and has such a huge certificate, that 3411 is still unknown what the background. Not much on the market, indicating that manufacturing small, unlike the 96 series, on the site when the new table fired a hot, 96 series alone “sell, but not lower prices,” This one hundred Patek Philippe firm bottom line.
Since Panerai 289 series out of a chocolate eggplant skin color of the face plate while selling after the Jaeger-LeCoultre Patek Philippe 5396 even have appeared dark coffee color face plate, it seems to make a fuss in the face plate color, especially fried “dark coffee” it became the mainstream in recent years. Daytona with dark coffee while selling deepened people of color epidemic of, if not the last year in Hong Kong, London, watch shop encountered a 3411 dark coffee disk white gold, I thought Patek Philippe 1950s Calatrava is ivory white and dark blue for the tone. Can be corroborated that Yahoo also appeared online several blocks of the fifties and sixties of last century 27-255 automatic watch movement, face plate are also dark coffee.
Can not say I do not like the type of seat cushion 3411, this watch worn on the hand is very beautiful. Good long time I like mocking king master saddle type watch, because there is no actually worn saddle-type watches. Table store in London, this 3411 one started, I immediately liked. Kind of quiet and simplicity, it is difficult to describe. Better yet, this table although gold belt, was able to fold into a matchbox size, easy to carry. This metal band section of the design, which can be seen Patek Philippe designs humane standards.
And flavor Weihou Daytona compared to this table a bit lighter, so that over a period of time, a certain period of the day I suspect he did not wear watches. Reconfirm the time, the watch will give you a delightful surprise immediately warm, kind of simple, beautiful and pretty face plate, will make you admire Patek Philippe’s design gurus, seven years later, this table is not any style will be lost to the modern.

Fashion Hublot watch

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Hublot watch
Hublot has a strong movement of genes, Hublot watches are very suitable for sports when wearing. And also very casual fashion. A lot of people are very fond of sports Hublot.
Hublot presents the history of the first thin hollow watch. For the “Classic Fusion” series again perfect interpretation, which means that the watch Hublot launched a challenge to the ‘thin’ an ultimate attempt: 45mm diameter dial, equipped with homemade thickness of only 2.90 mm ultra-thin movement. Completely hollow design concept will watch internal structure – whether it is tuning parts or balance wheel escapement wheel is more clear and intuitive display in professional gaze. 7 o’clock position of the dial is set small stopwatch, the continuation of the first generation of the pointer part Hublot design style, as to pay tribute to the history of Hublot. Up to 90 hours of power reserve, and normal operation of the 50-meter underwater waterproof coefficient allows the excellent work Adds highlights.     This is a fully reflects Hublot watches independent research and innovation capacity. Hublot is the first in the history of secondary clear scratch-resistant 18K gold – gold magic again after the successful launch of new material brightly colored ceramics. This innovative material fusion technology is first introduced bright red color, especially to the upcoming September 28, 2013 in Monaco at the Fifth Only Watch charity auction flag colors “Monaco Red” salute.
Hublot Classic Fusion is a thin hollow wrist fusion of traditional and modern ideas stunning presentation, full of Hublot rides in classic slim design and appearance of this iconic brand dynamic fashion features remain perfect in between balance.